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I'm an Italian producer, director and actress born in Fano, a small seaside town located on the eastern coast of Italy.

I'm the creator of "Hands of New York", mini documentary series filmed in NYC

and the co founder of Greenwich Village Film Festival.

I began acting at age 13, studying at the renowned Hamlet International School in Pesaro, Italy. After graduating from high school, I moved to Rome to study Communication and public relations at La Sapienza University and to continue my acting studies, where I've worked with acting coach Anna Gigante and Federico D'Anna.

In 2012 I moved to New York City to pursue my love for acting and filmmaking.

After meeting Jordan Bayne, director and actress, at the famous Susan Batson Studio, I've became part of The Lab - NY, an International community founded by Jordan Bayne, of actors and filmmakers who are creating exciting works in film and theatre on a global scale.

In New York, I gradually shifted my attention towards working behind the camera.

As a producer and director my work includes short films, short documentaries, and commercials. In 2015 I directed three videos for the Expo Milan proudly representing my region Marche. My latest short film Radici, has been selected at many film festivals and it won Best International Film at the 2019 DeSoto Film Festival.

I'm currently working as a freelancer for major NY production companies an agencies such as ABC Projects, The Boathouse, W+K, Viacom.

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